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Dana Rasmussen majors in Biochemistry in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at ASU with plans to continue onto health innovation. She engages in computational and experimental research at the Biodesign Institute learning the critical skill sets necessary to make a positive impact on the scientific community. While not at ASU, Dana represents the Arizona SciTech Institute as a third-year STREET Team Lead for the Arizona SciTech Festival promoting curiosity and involvement with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) related subjects. Her passion for mentorship and engaging the youth in science is seen in the 2017 Women and Girls in STEM Panel Discussion at the Arizona Science Center, her position with the Scitech Insitutue Chief Science Officer Program (CSOs) as a past CSO, and co-founder of the ASU Cheif Science Officer Alumni Association (2019). 
Beyond academics, Dana enjoys traveling, hiking, climbing, playing with dogs, watching sunsets, just about anything outdoors! Her love for the natural world acts as an inspiration to her academic endeavors embracing the mission of the Biodesign Insitute.