Chun Kit Chan

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Mph. in PHYS, 2011, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
BSc. in PHYS, 2009, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Research Interests:

Quantum Mechanics in Photosynthetic System
Electron transport in bioenergetic systems


Always longing to apply physics and mathematics to interdisciplinary researches, Chun Kit joined the Theoretical and Computation Physics Group (TCBG) in the summer of 2015 after taking a class from Prof. Klaus Schulten, where Prof. Schulten patiently explains his passion in applying physics and mathematics to biological systems.

Chun Kit starts out working in energy transfer of photosynthetic systems, in particular photosystem II supercomplex, where he recognizes the importance of including proteins of different functions for a system level description of any biological process.

As one of the end products of the energy conversion in photosystem II is charge separation, which results in series of subsequent electron transports to photosystem I, Chun Kit extends his research to include investigating the process of electron transport, with focus on the effect of membrane composition and geometry to the process.