Small Business SEO & Why It Works

If you're looking to win the online marketing race for small businesses, look no further than SEO. The returns on your investment in this area come not only through greater visibility and more (and better) leads - but also stronger relationships with both existing AND potential customers alike! With all these advantages at hand, it's easy to see why so many startups choose local Search Engine Optimization as their key marketing strategy when on a budget; whether big or small.


Proven Techniques to Establish Your Small Business As An Authority Within Your Industry

Google is always changing and evolving, but one thing that never changes? The need for search engine optimization (SEO) - or boosting online visibility by using time-tested strategies like optimizing websites' code/structure; creating pages which give customers exactly what they're looking for before any competitor does.

Scaling your small business with SEO is all about numbers:


The CTR for the top result on a Google search results, around 28%. That means more than a quarter of people searching click on it, and they're often looking at just that one organic listing! 

Ranking #2 organically results around 15%, then 11% for #3 position. 

The takeaway is that Google has an incredible number of users and searchers every day, but only the top few spots on their search engine receive a high CTR. 

The takeaway is that if your small company wants to be seen consistently by ready-to-buy customers, then SEO will get your business in front of them.

Affordable Small Business SEO Services Should Have Your Website Dialed-In


Is your website up-to-date? Does it load quickly, work great on mobile devices, and provide all the signals that Google looks for to rank websites higher in search results? Your site is not just a showcase of content; rather, it's also an opportunity. If you run traditional advertising such as print or TV spots - viewers will go there if they find you while searching online--so make sure visitors have a great experience the moment they land on your website, which increases conversion rate to turn that visitor into a customer.

Your website is the most important aspect of your SEO strategy. If people can't quickly get a sense that your business have answers or solutions for their problems, or it takes too long to load, they'll hit the back button and go elsewhere-which means your competition now has the ball on their side of the court to impress that customers and convert them. Plus, Google monitors site activity of users clicking onto a website and clicking out of it, so depending on what they do, your site's bounce rate will increase (bad for SEO) or decrease, which is good for SEO as it tells Google that when users land on your website they spend longer time on your website.


What Google looks for to rank your small business website.



On your site optimization checklist:
1) Page speed - how quickly the pages on your website load has been an important search engine results ranking factor for many years. 

2) Core Web Vitals-these include page loading time, plus measurements of how long it takes users to interact with you or browse through various parts of the website. 

3) SSL certificate, which validates trustworthiness and security.

4) URLs that contain keywords support good rankings 

5) Site Crawlability improves indexing by allowing Google to crawl the site and following internal links to other pages of your website.

6) Conversions: The importance of conversions can't be underestimated when it comes to ranking on Google. Conversions: Calls-to action (CTAs) should linearly lead users through each stage of the sales funnel in order for them to have an effective CTA and therefore increase conversion rates.

6) Good URL hierarchy helps crawlers index content.


Good organic SEO for small local businesses includes four key strategies: keyword research, website optimization, Local SEO & domain authority building. 


Keyword Research is the first step to understand what your customers are typing in to find a product/service you offer.

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