How do Escape Games Work?

There is no doubt that escape rooms are very popular. Nothing to complain about because they are fun, thrilling and stores do a great job of inventing or updating their types of theme-games. I myself, have completed a handful and failed 3 or so. They offer something quite different and are the perfect way to enjoy time with adventurous family members/friends. Escape rooms are also a great team building activity. So, are you wondering how do escape games work? Let's take a closer look.

How Do Escape Games Work
How Do Escape Games Work

What Are Escape Games?

As the title suggests, an escape game involves escaping from a room by figuring out the answers to a load of clever clues and riddles. All escape games have different themes to them, making them interesting, thrilling and even a little terrifying at times. You will usually be in a team of around 4-10 people, and thrown into the escape game. It's then up to you to explore the game and use whatever is at your disposal to get out before the timer runs out. So you might be wondering what you get at the end of it? Many escape games also have a leader-board which you will be lucky enough to feature on should you escape in good timing.

Tips to Escape Room Games

Communicate With Your Team

A major tip for beating escape games is to constantly communicate. Keep talking with your time while playing the game, and listen to what the other people in your team are saying. There are so many people who fail the challenge simply because they are not communicating well to each other when they have found a clue or something similar. This is often because they want to take all the glory for themselves. This doesn't work in this kind of environment and will only end in failure for all of you.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

The majority of escape games are physical as well as mental. There will be a lot of crawling around on the floor, getting dirty and generally just moving your body. This is not doable if you are wearing clothing that is restrictive. Now is not the time to wear comfortable clothing, and make sure everyone else in your team gets the memo on this one too.

Choose Your Game Wisely

If you are new to escape games, then choose your first one very wisely. Establishments will usually have rooms of varying difficult and will give you a brief summary of the games before you choose. Pick wisely because these games might be more complicated than what you might realize. On the other-hand if you feel like a challenge, don't be afraid to go for it.

How Do Escape Rooms Work
How Do Escape Rooms Work

Read Clues Carefully

The clues and the ways you answer them are what will make all the difference regarding whether you escape or not. Make sure to read every word of the clues carefully so that you can figure out the answers. Some clues seem really simple while they are not. Also, some work out to be a lot easier than what you might initially think.

Playing Escape Room Games

Hopefully this has answered the question of how do escape games work, and you should now feel just a little more knowledgeable about the subject. You’ll want to ensure your team can communicate, and everyone wears comfortable clothing. So, are you brave enough to book yours today?