Fundraisers can be a great way to raise some money, but they can also be expensive and time-consuming. The success of a fundraiser depends on careful planning. Whether you’re raising money for a school fundraiser or looking for funds for your nonprofit organization, here are a few tips on how to successfully fundraise.

How to Successfully Fundraise

Looking for ways on how to successfully fundraise? First, you should form a list, set a goal, send handwritten letters before opting for emails and more.

1. Form a List

Come up with a list of potential donors. Be sure to include as many friends, co-workers, family, neighbors and even work out buddies. The trick here is to be creative. If you have anyone that might be able to support your cause, be sure to include them. Bear in mind that there’s no harm in asking so be sure to create the biggest list you can.

2. Set a Fundraising Goal

Every successful fundraiser needs a goal. You need to set your eyes on a target and the chances are that you’ll end up doing better than you imagined. Aim high and don’t be open to raising your goal once the funds start coming in. Remember that you’re raising funds for a cause, organization or team that you care about, so aim to raise more than you thought you could.

3. Send Handwritten Letters Before the Emails

Emails are a fast way to get instant results but nothing shows a more personal touch than a handwritten letter. Try making your initial requests via letters and if possible, deliver them yourself. It’s hard for anyone to ignore a handwritten letter but even your well-intention and closest friends can easily forget to reply to an email. Consider using emails to follow-up on those who don’t respond to your letters.

4. Remember Your Inspiration

Always remember your reason for supporting your cause. Bear that in mind and bring the same energy to your fundraising efforts. As you send emails and personal messages to potential donors, remember to include a personal message about your passion for the cause and what the fundraiser means to you. A personal message will always appeal to more people.

5. Make Use of Online Fundraising Tools

Online fundraising tools make it easy to manage a fundraising campaign. For instance, some tools allow you to create your own fundraising page complete with the ability to set a fundraising goal, include a personal message, send out emails and track the progress of your campaign.

6. Get Face to Face

When you’re fundraising, try to ask your friends and family to meet with you on a regular basis. Family reunions, barbecue parties, dinners and soccer games are all great ways to meet in person and make in person asks. People will rarely say no if you ask them in person.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of additional tips on how to successfully fundraise. Just make sure you form a great team that will work together towards your goal to raise money. Also, make sure to follow up on people who indicate an intention to donate but haven’t and don’t forget to thank everyone who has donated toward your cause. A little thank you goes a long way.