​​​Ongoing Projects

  • "SaTC: CORE: Small: Collaborative: Trustworthy Hierarchical Edge Computing," $250,000, National Science Foundation (CNS-1933069), 11/1/2019–10/31/2022, PI, 100%.
  • “Workshop on Proactive and Automative Defenses in Wireless Networks,” $25,000, Army Research Office (W911NF-19-1-0376), 6/24/2019–6/23/2020, PI, 100%.
  • "SpecEES: Collaborative Research: A Spectrum-Efficient and Secure Communication Architecture for Smart Cities," $275,000, National Science Foundation (CNS-1824355), 10/1/2018–9/30/2021, PI, 100%.
  • “TWC: Small: Secure Mobile Devices through Multiple Lines of Defense,” $500,000, National Science Foundation (CNS-1619251), 9/1/2016–8/31/2020, PI, 100%.
  • NeTS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Secure and Usable Indoor Navigation for Individuals with Visual Impairment,” $550,000, National Science Foundation (CNS-1514381), 9/1/2015–8/31/2020, PI, 90% (co-PI: Terri Hedgpeth).

Completed Projects

  • “A Drone-Powered Internet of Things System,” $200,000, DoD DURIP via Army Research Office, 6/15/2018–9/15/2019, PI, 100%.
  • “Sybl-Resilient Influence Measurement in Microblogging Systems,” $450,000, Army Research Office (W911NF-15-1-0328), 7/1/2015–6/30/2018, PI, 60% (co-PI: Huan Liu).
  • “TWC: Small: Collaborative: Secure and Usable Mobile Authentication for People with Visual Impairment,” $350,000, National Science Foundation (CNS-1421999), 8/1/2014–7/31/2018, PI, 80% (co-PI: Terri Hedgpeth).
  • NeTS: Small: Secure Crowdsourcing-Based Cooperative Spectrum Sensing,” $500,000, National Science Foundation (CNS-1320906), 9/1/2013–8/31/2018, PI, 100%.
  • “Workshop on Trustworthy Human-Centric Social Networking: Challenges and Research Directions,” $25,000, Army Research Office (W911NF-16-1-0117), 4/1/2016–3/31/2017, PI, 100%.
  • “NSF Workshop on Wireless Security,” $50,000, National Science Foundation (CNS-1513141), 1/1/2015–12/31/2015, PI, 100%.
  • “NeTS: Small: Inducing and Exploiting Spectrum Predictability via Traffic Shaping and Mobility for Cognitive Communication in White Space,” $429,864, National Science Foundation (CNS-1117462), 8/1/2011–7/31/2015, co-PI, 34% (PI: Junshan Zhang).
  • “CAREER: Dependable Data Management in Heterogeneous Sensor Networks,” $400,000, National Science Foundation (CNS-0844972), 9/1/2009 to 8/31/2014, PI, 100%.
  • “Collaborative Research: CT-ISG: Overlay-Based User Unlocatability and Communication Anonymity in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks,” $216,000, National Science Foundation (CNS-0716302), 8/1/2007–7/31/2011, PI, 100%.