5 Best Link Building Strategies for 2021

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Backlinks are among the most important ranking signals used by Google to determine how well a site ranks for specific keywords. This makes link-building an integral part of your SEO strategy. However, creating backlinks is not enough. They can disappear or become less relevant with time, and it is crucial to keep finding new backlink opportunities to enhance your search ranking. Here are five best link-building strategies for 2021.

1. High-quality content

The foundation to white-hat link building is creating high-quality content on industry-related topics. This naturally gives more people a reason to share your links, establishing your site as an authority. To do this, you need a holistic content creation process that factors in the latest search trends, high-ranking keywords, and topics of interest. Partnering with a leading SEO agency like Rock The Rankings will help in taking better charge of your content creation and digital marketing needs.

2. Competition analysis

One of the best ways to refine your link-building methods is by analyzing your competitor’s backlinks. There are many free tools you can use to analyze the source of your competitor’s backlinks and the strength of each page. This makes it easy to reverse engineer your competitors’ link-building strategy as you can easily pick the most powerful opportunities and use them on your site.

3. Broken link building

Broken links are dead ends that you need to eliminate from your site as they do not add value. There are many reasons why you could be having broken links, and these include;

  • Use of incorrect URL
  • 404 errors because the web page linked was removed
  • Links to a website that no longer exists
  • A software or firewall blocking access to the destination site

You should make it a priority to detect and fix all broken links on your site to get the results you deserve from link-building. A simple way to do this is by replacing all those dead pages with pages from sites with better domain authority. You could also inquire from the relevant websites if they have better replacements for their broken links.

4. Guest posting

Making guest posting a part of your digital marketing strategies will see you gain a lot, as high-ranking blogs in your niche present a great channel for attaining healthy backlink growth. Actively having well-curated blogs with a good incoming-outgoing link ratio published as guest posts will strengthen your link profile and broaden your source of traffic.

5. Resource pages

Resource pages are listings of helpful resources and links on a particular topic. These pages exist to make it easier for internet users to find the information they are after by having carefully selected sources available to them. To make your backlinks more powerful, you need to find existing resource pages in your niche and ask the authors to include your articles in their lists. Typically, these authors have strict selection criteria, and for successful resource page link building, you need to have awesome content.


Link building is an art that you need to master if you want to rank better on search engines. Implement these white-hat link building strategies and unleash the power of this important search engine ranking signal.