5 Ways Your Business Can Improve Phone Operations

Picture: Niekverlaan

One of the best ways to remain in touch with your clients, co-workers, and loved ones is by phone. Even though we have an abundance of new communication options at our disposal, you simply can’t beat the speed and efficiency of a phone.

However, the evolution of technology has meant that we can improve how efficient and versatile our phones are. If your business is ready to advance its phone operations, consider the following methods for how to do it.

1. Use Apps to Your Advantage

Cloud-based applications like Power Dialer are transforming how business people make calls to clients and potential clients alike. With such technology, you can enjoy most, if not all, of the benefits you experience with in-house phone systems, but without being stuck at your desk.

Often, you can take advantage of call forwarding, voicemail and voice mail transcription, business texts, call tracking, and more. All of these features may help you make more sales calls in a shorter space of time, from nearly any location.

2. Upgrade Phones

Whether you work within an educational facility or a company, you are possibly aware of how expensive upgrading mobile phones and desk phones can be. They can cost thousands of dollars and you might be wondering why it’s even a necessity.

Technological upgrades of any kind can be pivotal for a team’s productivity. The less time you spend trying to make old technology do what you need it to do, the more time you can spend making profitable phone calls.

3. Create Work Apps

Think about how many tasks within your line of business are labor-intensive to the detriment of your productivity and profit. An example might be sending a communication email out to all staff and trying to remember the names of everyone who has to receive it.

If you were to create an app for your workplace, everyone could stay up to date with new announcements on the app with a notification to their device. Emails still have their place in most workplaces, but apps can ensure that everyone who needs to know company information can be kept updated.

4. Promote Remote Technology

Many companies require that sales calls must be made in the office, as office phones have all the technology you need to track, analyze, record, and divert. However, being in the office all day is not possible for everyone, and many employees want the flexibility to work from home.

As the technology now exists for mobile devices to have the same functionality as office phones, there’s simply no excuse not to offer the option for your team to work from wherever is comfortable for them.

5. Offer Training

Most employees adjust quickly to new technology, but it can be daunting for anyone who has been used to the same daily work processes for several years. You may be able to improve phone operations by making sure your team can access the training and support they need.

Offer training sessions in work time, provide access to handbooks for information or even hire a business to assist with training. With help and support, they may be less likely to resist change.

As challenging as it might be to think of ways to improve phone operations, you have plenty of options at your disposal. Welcome new applications, create workplace apps, and promote remote working. Before long, you may notice increased productivity and a boost in your bottom line