Why the Success You Will Ever Achieve

Is Based on the Effect You Have On Others


There's nothing wrong with competition. There are numerous studies out there that have shown that being competitive positively affects your attention, focus, and success. But being competitive isn’t the only characteristic of successful people.

The effect you have on people around is one of the characteristics not many seem to talk about. Helping others fulfill their goals is not only satisfying, but it's also rewarding. This way of thinking maybe foreign to people who only see people as either winners or losers.

But you should never think like that, because…

There’s Enough Pie Out There for Everybody

For some, the world is one huge competition. If someone wins, that means there's one less opportunity for them. Everybody wants their piece of the pie. But you need to realize that the size of the pie isn't finite. The pie never stops growing.

Another man's success doesn't automatically translate to less opportunity for others. As a matter of fact, another man's success maybe your success if you had the opportunity to inspire and help them along the way. You just need to have the right mindset.

By helping a person reach their goal - whether it’s a business goal or a personal one - a lot of people can benefit:

  • The person accomplished more than they expected
  • The world is now actually a better place because of it
  • You’ll be praised and awarded for your contribution

Yes, the world can be a harsh place at times, and you don't need to make it worse by pushing people around you down. What you need to realize is that…

You Have No Good Reasons to Be Selfish

A selfish desire for success won't make you happy. On the contrary, it will leave you with an empty feeling. Helping yourself and others may sound old-fashioned to some, but their line of thinking is short-sighted. Even in the cut-throat business world, you don't have to think like this.

There’s an entire industry out there made out of businesses that only aim to help others. I’m sure you’ve heard of the B2B sector before, haven’t you?

That's why so many companies out there have only one purpose: helping other businesses improve their service, gaining more customers, and earning more in the process. Some will help you market your business, others will help with custom boxes and packaging for products.

Nonetheless, all of these companies earn money by helping others earn money, too.

How You Affect Others is the Most Valuable Currency

The way we make other people feel, the way we stimulate their minds, and the changes we create in their lives are essential to our success. Whether we're aware of it or not. Once you stop thinking only about your bank account, you will be able to accomplish your dreams.

In your personal life, helping others succeed will create an atmosphere of winning in your social circle. You'll push each other to great heights and achieve the success you only dreamed of. In the business world, this will create a network of people willing to help you maximize your success.

All Success is Based on Value

The fact of the matter is this: if you’re a toxic person, ready to step over others to succeed, you won’t get very far. Success requires collaboration. If no one wants to associate with you because of your willingness to put others down, you won’t have anyone to work with. Be kind to others. Help them any way you can. Rejoice in their success. That way, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your personal dreams.