Dr. Rebecca Fisher

Dr. Rebecca E. Fisher

Interim Co-Chair and Professor, Department of Basic Medical Sciences
Director of the Gross Anatomy Laboratory
The University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix
Adjunct Faculty, School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University

Dr. Fisher received a B.A. with Honors and Distinction from Stanford University and M. Phil. and Ph.D. degrees from Yale University. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution. Trained as an anatomist and paleontologist, Dr. Fisher has studied numerous vertebrates (primates, artiodactyls, carnivorans, lizards) and cephalopods. She was recruited to the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix (UA COM-P) as a founding faculty member in 2006 and was responsible for designing the anatomy curriculum and the gross anatomy laboratory. She has received nine teaching awards, including the Basmajian Award from the American Association of Anatomists (AAA), and was inducted into the Gold Humanism Honors Society in recognition of her leadership in fostering empathy in the anatomy lab and humanism in the practice of medicine. Dr. Fisher was awarded tenure in 2012 and was promoted to Professor in 2019. In 2021, she was named a Fellow of the American Association for Anatomy. A longtime ally for the LGBTQ community, Dr. Fisher served as faculty advisor for the Gay-Straight Alliance on the UA COM-P campus (2010-2014), and its successor, LGBTQ in Medicine (2014-2018). And as a Latina faculty member, she is passionate about advocating for underrepresented minorities in STEM, serving on the Diversity Committee for the UA COM-P (2014-2020) and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee for the AAA (2016-present).

Postdoctoral Fellows         

Bernadette Perchalski
Dr. Bernadette Perchalski
Bernadette received her B.S. and M.A. in biological anthropology from the Pennsylvania State University, and her Ph.D. in Evolutionary Anthropology from Duke University. Her research is focused on adaptations for arboreality and the kinematics of primate locomotion. 

Medical Students

Brandon Ngo
Brandon Ngo
Brandon received his B.S. in Chemistry from Duke University and is currently a medical student at the UA COM-P. For his scholarly project, he is assessing the effects of student demographics and undergraduate background on clinical anatomy performance in medical school. 


Bryce Tucker

Bryce Tucker  
Bryce is an honors student studying biomedical engineering. He is interested in neuroanatomy and biological systems. He plans to pursue graduate research to study regenerative medicine and biointegration techniques.