Robin HarrisPI: Dr. Rob Harris

I completed my PhD in the lab of Hilary Ashe at the University of Manchester in the UK in 2009, examining the differentiation of Drosophila germline stem cells, where I discovered my passion for awkward and repetitive dissection. I joined the lab of Iswar Hariharan at UC Berkeley as a postdoc in 2011 to study tissue regeneration. I started my lab at ASU in 2018, and currently teach Regeneration and Stem Cell Biology (BIO494/598) and General Genetics (BIO340). I can usually be found lingering around the fly lab distracting my students, or in Starbucks. I also enjoy running and going to the pub.


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2012-2014: Postdoctoral Scholar, California Institute of Regenerative Medicine.
2014-2016: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Life Sciences Research Foundation.


Mike Stinchfield


Research specialist: Mike Stinchfield

I have 14 years of experience in biological research and education, and enjoy performing individual research as well as training and contributing to the development of others. 




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Weston Quinn


Graduate Student: Weston (John) Quinn

I am a Biology Ph.D. Student focusing on Genetics. My research is targeted towards understanding the mechanisms behind regeneration of Drosophila and why they lose the ability to regenerate as they age. We are specifically studying how epigenetics plays a role in gene silencing and the function of novel damage activated enhancers and their role in regeneration. When I am not in the lab I love to go hiking with my dog and on the weekends play pool with friends.




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Graduate Student: Jake Klemm

I am a PhD student in the Molecular and Cellular Biology program at ASU. My research is targeted towards understanding at the genomic level why the regenerative capabilities of Drosophila diminish with age. In my free time I enjoy hiking, reading, and watching movies. I am originally from Wisconsin, and look forward to seeing all that ASU and the Phoenix area have to offer.




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Undergraduate researcher: Jack StPeter

Hi! My name is Jack, and I am a sophomore studying Biochemistry. It's exciting to be a part of the awesome work being done in the Harris Lab and to have the opportunity to learn new things about research every day. In my free time, I like to play guitar and play soccer with friends.




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Undergraduate researcher: Cassandra Gregory

Hello! My name is Cassi and I am an undergraduate student at ASU studying Biomedical Sciences. I am honored to be working in this lab under the guidance of Dr. Harris and alongside passionate researchers and fellow undergraduates. I know the work in this lab will make great contributions to regenerative sciences and I'm thrilled to see it progress. When I’m not researching, studying or working I love to travel, draw, paint, and learn various languages.



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Undergraduate researcher: Tatum Dykstra

My name is Tatum, and I am currently an undergraduate student majoring in biomedical sciences at ASU. I enjoy working in the Harris Lab under Dr. Harris and with my labmates to learn about the impact genetics can have on tissue regeneration. In my free time, I like reading, baking, and playing with my dog.




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Undergraduate researcher: Ayla Zustra