4 Tips for Working a Side Hustle As a College Student




Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-writing-on-a-notebook-4240571/

Getting a college education is a costly endeavor, and finding a part-time job during your college years is a great way to pay off any recurring bills or save money. However, earning an income on the side will eventually come into conflict with your academic responsibilities, and you may have to sacrifice your much-needed rest. Here’s how you can make sure you even things out and still earn a decent amount.

1. Set a realistic schedule

There is no harm to earning extra income on the side. You just need to consider the factors that will affect your studies. For this, you will need to check your schedule and see if you have enough free time for a side hustle. You would be lucky to have all your classes in the morning, but even with this setup, you still need to free up some time for studying during major exams and working on your thesis. It pays to observe effective time management, so avoid stretching yourself too thin by coming up with a manageable schedule.

2. Pick a job that's close

You only have so much time to prepare for your side hustle if it's located off-campus. Unless there's a large gap between your last class and your shift, you may have to pick a job that doesn't require a long commute time. You can always opt for a part-time job as a student  assistant or at an on-campus establishment.  It would even be more advantageous if you work near your dormitory so you have better control over your time.

3. Choose a less stressful job

The nature of your part-time job is a big factor, especially during your last years in college when stress levels are at their peak. For this reason, you should be able to choose a side hustle, that won't stress you out. It's best that you find a source of income that's related to something you’re passionate about. If you're fond of creating digital art, you can sell some of your work or make yourself available for commissions. On the other hand, you should also consider working from home as a freelancer. You can write content, design websites, translate documents, or assist business owners without having to leave your dorm room. You just have to pick an online job that gives you enough flexibility with your schedule.

4. Manage your workload

With it's a fixed-rate job or a freelancing stint that pays by the hour or output you submit, your side hustle shouldn't hog up all your energy. After all, the reason you are in college is to learn and earn a degree, and focusing too much on earning extra income only puts these actual goals to the side. It's best to accept a reasonable workload. For that, it’s important to analyze the amount of work you can handle within a certain period. If you are made to edit 20 technical papers in under an hour, you are better off working a side job that won’t leave you burnt out.

In this economy, working a side hustle is a great way to get by with rising living costs as a college student. You only need to attain a perfect balance between earning and learning using the tips above.