Benefits of Using YouTube For Your Online Education


Availability of free, high-quality, and informative videos online on platforms like YouTube are an intuitive addition to modern learning environments. Educators, students, and parents all agree on the effectiveness of online videos as a teaching-learning tool. The best thing about YouTube videos is that they can easily be integrated into a variety of educational systems especially online education. Video-assisted learning is a new trend in the education industry as it provides students an interesting way to learn and understand complex concepts and subjects. In the recent global lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic, educational and eLearning related YT channels have gained a huge number of YouTube subscribers as students around the globe were asked to attend classes from home.

Since there are a lot of online learning tools available to make online education accessible and easier, YouTube is one of them. There are 2 billion active users on YT and 500 hours of video content are uploaded on this largest video sharing platform every minute. This shows that video content has a great appeal and attracts more users than any other type of content. This is why YouTube could be a great tool you can benefit from in online learning. It can play a significant role in making the learning process effective and enriching. When the learning experience is memorable and effective, retention and engagement rate are increased to boost the overall effectiveness of an online lecture or course.

The use of YT videos in the class can be handy for teachers and fun for learners. Students are more engaged with visually motivating activities and are more likely to concentrate when watching videos rather than reading walls of text in the books and notes. For your information, here we have explained some benefits of using YouTube as a learning material resource for your online education.

Lowers Online Education Costs

Creating an educational video is not much expensive as a Hollywood-worthy video. Whether you are an educator or learner and want to lower your online education budget, YouTube can come in handy here. As an educator, you can create educational videos without spending a lot of bucks even by using your smartphone’s camera. Once created, you can upload them on your YT channel for free. However, you can buy YouTube subscribers to give your educational channel a quick boost. Videos uploaded on your channel can easily be integrated into every online education system to help students learn effectively for free. On another hand, students can access all the YT videos anytime, anywhere free of cost. As a result, YT videos can play a vital role in reducing the overall costs of online education and help students learn even if they don’t have enough money.

YT Provides a Rich Source of Learning Resources

If a YT video cannot be integrated into an LMS software or in an online course, links can still be included to help students enjoy a variety of visual learning sources. You can also encourage your students to self-learning in your students by asking them to do search in YouTube to find relevant educational videos. Students love to watch videos on YouTube which not only helps them learn complex concepts but also helps them improve listening and punctuation skills. On another hand, teachers can focus more on students’ learning abilities instead of spending more time explaining complex concepts and topics.

Mobile and Microlearning

Mobile and microlearning are other great benefits of using YouTube for your online education. Since long videos can be uploaded on YouTube, uploading educational videos that are 10 minutes or less is the best way to exactly use or share what you need to make learning easier for your students. It also helps students learn online effectively who have short attention spans. Furthermore, YouTube videos are easily accessible across different mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. No matter the screen is small or large, videos on YouTube can be watched perfectly without having an effect on the quality of the video and misrepresenting the material.

Facilitating the Admissions and other Processes

Video content can be used by educational institutes to make online learning easier for distance learners in a variety of ways. Facilitating students with admission processes via video content is one of them. They can create short but detailed videos to help students understand what they need to do for course enrolment and admissions even without visiting the institute or asking from others. Providing more details about courses and campus areas via YouTube videos also helps potential students feel excited while they are getting useful information about the institute they are about to join. As an educational institute if you want to boost your presence on YouTube and attract more users, you can buy YouTube subscribers from reliable boosting service providers to get your content in front of a broader audience.