Chandeliers are the light fixtures with multiple tiers and lamps that provide ambient lighting in that space. Once chandelier was a symbol of power and wealth, but now everyone can have their own. Though, a chandelier is used in dining room, you can have it anywhere in your home, bedroom, living room, or patio to enhance the interior design.

Chandeliers are made using different materials including brass, bronze, crystal, glass, wood grain and rustic iron. They also come with different number of tiers ranging from one to five. Tiers refer to the layers of lights that a chandelier has. You can choose according to the ceiling height.

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When you want to buy one, you need to know what will be the right type for your need. Whether you need it for lighting purpose or is it the style or finish you want? When you have knowledge about different types of chandeliers, it will be easier for you to filter down.

Crystal Chandeliers

Crystals in these types of chandeliers are made of glass that has lead oxide which provides more brilliant and prismatic look. A crystal chandelier gives dramatic statement to any space of your room space.

In the beginning, chandeliers were used to hold a large number of candles to light up large spaces. By adding crystals to it, the light got magnified. Later, candles were replaced with bulbs and they spread the warm glow to the entire space.

Modern Chandeliers

Modern chandeliers are aesthetically pleasing and functional if you love minimalist feel. They come in geometrical shapes, looks simple with few embellishments.

Contemporary Chandeliers

In contrast to modern designs, they have textures, shapes and details. It can also be called trendy since it takes ideas and styles from different era.

Drum Chandeliers

As the name implies, these types have a drum shaped shade with series of lights to illuminate the entire room space.

Mini Chandeliers

If you need to improve lighting in any smaller spaces, mini chandeliers are best. These are the best options when you can’t afford large chandeliers for your room.

Sputnik Chandeliers

These are cool options for your interior. They have number of branches that start from the center point and form either circle shape or any random shapes. Lights are there either on one tip of the branches or in some types on both tips.

Waterfall Chandeliers

The crystals in these types look like falling water. These are available in round, square and other geometrical shapes.

Hybrid Chandeliers

If you are not satisfied with all these styles, hybrid ones that is a combination of different styles are the go. In hybrid version, you are sure to get a variety of combinations.

With these ideas about chandeliers styles and types, it will be easier for you to choose the perfect lighting type that suits your interior décor.