Study Less, Study Smart: How to Manage Time to Study with Other Activities


Today, everyone expects students to be all-rounders. You need to be the best in academics, good in public speaking and have a great social life. Moreover, if you have a unique talent like playing a sport, dancing, painting et cetera, you have conquered the world. You might have seen people actually able to do this and wonder how they manage all this. While you are spending more than half of your day struggling with assignments, they can do many other things. This article will share with you the best tips to study smart so that you can manage your time for studies as well as other activities.




How to manage to study with other activities

#1 Block your time

Many times students say that they want to learn a new skill but they are unable to find the time. They are all caught up in their studies. Well, just take a look at your daily routine and see if there is actually a shortage of time?

One way to ensure that you find time for everything you want to do is time blocking or calendar blocking. You need to block your time for different activities so that you have a clear agenda every day and minimal time is wasted on making decisions. Make a weekly plan for yourself and assign time for activities like buying groceries, going out with friends, cooking, eating, playing, exercising et cetera along with studying.

#2 Have a routine

A routine is when you do the same activities over and over. And, when you do something over and over, it becomes your habit. It gets programmed in your system and then you would find it difficult to break that routine. For instance, many people have their own morning rituals where they do the same set of activities every morning to start their days such as reading, exercising, meditation or yoga. Build up such routines for yourself.

If you think you have no time, try checking your sleep schedule. Early risers are known to be more productive than those who sleep half of their morning time.

#3 Create a suitable environment

Sofia, who works for an essay typer company says, “if you want to study first in the morning, make sure you keep your books out on your study desk. Arrange all the stationery, notes, notebooks and place everything you would need while studying on the table. This way, when you will wake up, you will have your agenda in front of you.”

Similarly, if you want to exercise first in the morning, keep your running shoes, yoga mat and all other equipment in front of you. When you wake up, this would be the first thing on your mind.

#4 Minimise distractions

If you want to maximise your concentration while studying, make sure you minimise distractions. If you are busy checking every notification on your phone while studying, you might take more time in completing your work. This will therefore affect your schedule and you would find no time for other things.

Ellie, who offers assignment help in Mathematics says, “if you keep your phone off for a while, or block all notifications, use site blockers, sit at a quiet place and study, you will be able to focus more.”

#5 Take care of your health

Health should be our priority. Yet many of us never think about it until we get sick. So start focusing on your health and you will find the strength to conquer everything in this world. Make sure you are not drinking too much soda. Instead drink more water. Avoid eating junk food all the time. Try cooking at home instead. Eat more fruits, yoghurt, vegetables and nuts. Exercise every day to improve the quality of your sleep and enhance your brainpower.

#6 Take notes

Henry, who provides assignment help UK says, “making notes keeps your mind in learning. You must take notes in class and even while studying at home. Make sure they are short, clear, concise and in a pointwise format.” You may also create mindmaps, flashcards and create lists to revise concepts easily. Do not think that you will remember a concept even after months. Make sure to revise the topics after some time to ensure that you remember them perfectly.

Wrapping up

It is possible to manage your study time along with other activities. Hope these 6 tips will help you study smarter so that you can manage to do everything you want. All you need is a little planning and organisation. You might also seek assignment assistance from a subject expert to complete your work faster. Do not forget to take care of your health in all this and ensure that you exercise every day to boost your brainpower