Write On, Downtown: a journal of Phoenix's writing & art
GRA 562: Methods in Visual Communication Design 2
Graduate Studio

  1. Write-On Downtown is the annual arts & literary journal for ASU’s Downtown campus. Students will give it new life with a complete redesign. Students gain valuable experience with a real-world client from initial concept through production, printing, and distribution.
  2. The class is inspired and informed by underground urban arts and design movements over the past 50 years — including psychedelia, graffiti, hip-hop, punk, and grunge. Playful experimentation is key as we disassemble arts/design conventions that reinforce hegemonic power structures.
Light Rail by Noone Savage
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Cover by Shumeng Zhang
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Write On, Downtown Covers
See also: Project Photos

Project Collaborator:
Rosemarie Dombrowski and students from ASU College of Integrative Sciences & Arts 

Community Support:
Changing Hands Bookstore, Phoenix

Field Trips:
Metro Light Rail, field research
Petko Type Collection, ASU School of Art